domingo, 2 de noviembre de 2014

N O V E M B E R (with JUNGMOB)

Hello everybody,

How is it going? I hope everything is alright with you all...Sorry if I've been a bit lost... Well, I got no excuse... Life.. Hahah kidding.. Anyway, I shot a month ago some Lookbook pics for the amazing brand called 'JUNGMOB'. I didn't talk you before about it. Its a nice brand. You should check their site: . You'll find sweaters, t-shirts, beanies... Don't miss it! :) And here the pics, I hope you like it! 


- Blu

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  1. You may have create a tumblr account which you can promote and share widely and effectively, just an advice, you're the best, cheers

  2. pues mola mucho! y muy guapo