lunes, 10 de marzo de 2014

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Hello everybody,
how is it going?? Typical question... Hahah Well, I've got some news for you. First of all, sorry... I couldn't write for a long time, I've been a bit lost, sad,... but now I'm more or less good, with energy to keep fighting with life! (Sounds weird but I'm laughing about what I'm writing).  Well, I'm happy because the last week, I had my first publication like photographer and model! My self portraits.
Hope you like them! ;) You can check it here:

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  1. Morning Blu!

    I thought your recent publication would have hundreds of comments ... You are a gifted photographer as well as singer and model. But what I appreciate most is your honesty and talent to express fidelity and courage to the people.
    If you wanna pass by to Berlin feel free to knock on my door! Your personal KEY is ready for handing over.

    All the best from Berlin to Barcelona!
    Gereon - founder of

  2. Estas genial!
    Todas tienen algo especial y diferente!
    Sigue así, que si esto es la primera están muy bien, muchos ánimos y espero que vaya genial por Valencia!
    Un saludo desde

  3. great photos! :)
    Emma xx